• White Pine Salt Bake

    Fish is what I crave when summer heats up. 
    Fish and swimming holes.
    Cool. Crisp. Clean.
    The taste of a place is more than soil composition and climate. 
    It grows from an experiential terroir.
    I was so excited when Linda Hezel at Prairie Birthday Farm told me she was collecting White Pine. 
    White Pine calls to mind the snow melt mountain rivers rushing over granite.
    Rumors of gold and river trout.
    Secret emerald swimming holes.
    Happy memories from Yosimite, Yellowstone, Gila, the Grand Tetons, the Snake River Valley and the Rockies. And most fondly, the Yuba River in the high foothills of the Sierras.
    I have memories of caravanning with friends to seek out the hidden jewels of the Yuba. We spent all day on the river, swimming, fishing, playing music and napping.The ever changing collection of people who showed up consisted of farmers, cooks, artists, musicians, baristas, non-profiteers and the occaisional odd cartographer or programer. We would return sun-drunk and hungry to a small cottage built into the side of a slope. A whole crew would set to work creating a rich meal of the food brought by the farmers,  while others played music on the front porch.
    The White Pine Salt Bake is a recipe created from those memories. A salt bake is a cooking technique that takes a bit of time and preperation. It creates a lovely presentation that deserves to be shared with friends over a lengthy summer evening.

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